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About Me

My name is Jamison Weise. I started Sunburst Window Washing while I was in Niwot High School. I soon began to see a lot of success in the town of Niwot, where I focus my work. My business is built almost entirely on positive word of mouth in my local area of operation. The majority of my customers are from referrals, which speaks to the quality of my work. My business is fully insured, and I only use the best equipment in the industry to ensure my high standard of quality. If you would like to reach me, give me a text/call at 719-453-8997


My Services

I use a water-fed pole for exterior window cleaning, which lets me reach 3 story windows without a ladder!

This is my most common service, and can typically be done without any action from the homeowner.

  • I do a very detailed and high quality job on the interior windows.

  • I lay down rags to prevent drips on the wood or window tracks. 

  • This usually takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the job.

  • Screen cleaning is only done at the same time as a window cleaning.

  • If you would like your screens cleaned with the exterior windows, I will likely have to come inside the house to take the screens off, and to put them back on.

Upon request, I will clean any solar panels that are accessible.

This service can easily be done with an exterior window cleaning, because I use the same water-fed pole to clean the solar panels and windows.

I have seen this improve the power output of panels by 12-20%!

What is the point of cleaning the windows if the tracks and frames still look gross!?


  • I clean the exterior frames, and the interior and exterior tracks to give the windows a shiny finish.


  • This service is included with any window cleaning at no extra charge.


Determining the cost of a job involves various factors beyond merely counting windows. Elements like the number of stories, the distance of the property, and the window type play crucial roles.

I can provide an accurate estimate by assessing your property via Google Earth, eliminating the need for in-person visits in most cases.

For a swift estimate, text your address to 719-453-8997, and I'll promptly respond with the estimate once received.

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About Me

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Text or Call Anytime:   719-453-8997



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